jueves, noviembre 23, 2006

Blue Pail Fever

Ultimamente lo que predomina es el aburrimiento y el dejarme llevar, las no ganas.

Ya he comprado mi entrada para Yo La Tengo la que estaba segura de tener y que no tenía, menos mal que no aparecí a por ella el último día en la taquilla porque si no se terminan será de milagro.

Sigo con los woven hand ...Glass eye (mp3)

deeply shaken see I come that way
ill at ease in my own skin
I hum along to the down home drone
down in my soul to stay
ain't gonna listen to my own noise
even though I love the sound
it come back hollow on hollow
when it come back around
back around

quick to anger and quick to speak
afraid to lose these things not mine to keep
the spirit is willing the flesh is weak

how long have you been standing there
only here a lonely man
I do
I get behind myself
grieved in my spirit by my hands
seemes he has turned his head
this collector of useless clutter
somethin now has caught his eye
now his words only stumble out in stutters

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