jueves, octubre 19, 2006

Dream For Light Years In The Belly of a Mountain

Hoy no me podía ir a dormir ...... sin poner al menos un par de canciones de Sparklehorse, un grupo de esos de los que siempre oía hablar sin tener nada de ellos... ha sido mi descubrimiento de estos últimos meses ... justo cuando sacan nuevo disco.... y vendrán a Madrid el 29N !!!! que sorpresón... esto es para compensar lo del Sufjan.....

Don't Take My Sunshine Away
your face is like the sun sinking into the ocean
your face is like watching flowers growing in fast motion
all your kisses i swallowed
brightened mornings and hollows
my vines and tree knots will come unwound

Return to me
arise oh brother mountain our hooves hammering your coils
the rivers carve out your hollows with tears from me
return to me return to me my love oh my love

be still oh rusting river unlock her name from your grass
unburden the pressures of fathoms of tears from me
return to me return to me my love o my love o my love

return to the clouds return in the caves
return over valleys o my love o my love o my love

Some Sweet Day
i was the one who loved you most but you can’t put your arms around a ghost where did you go, up to the sun? where are you now, part of the sea in every drop or did you simply stop?

Morning Hollow
in the silver morning hollow
trembling and getting old
smelling burnt oil of heaven
about ten years too big to hold

she don’t get up when i come into the room
she don’t run through the fields anymore

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